Zcash - 36 Months @ 250 H/s

By adding a Premier Contract to your cart and proceeding with payment, you agree with the Electrum terms and conditions. 


Contract Term: The Premier Contract plan will begin at 11:59 PM the day of purchase, and proceed for 1095 days. 


Mining Power: Electrum will use a consistent Mining Power of 250 H/s to mine ZCash cryptocurrency for the duration of the Contract Term. Please visit the profitability calculator linked above to review your anticipated profit 


Mining Payouts: Payouts will be made to our customers on a biweekly basis, on the 14th and 28th of each month, in accordance with the contracted mining power. We will never miss a payment.


ZCash Wallet: All bi-weekly payouts will be sent to your ZCash wallet on file with Electrum LLC. Please either notate your transparent wallet address in your order, or send your completed Customer Information sheet to electrum.mining@gmail.com. If you do not presently have a transparent ZCash wallet, please click HERE.

Zcash - 36 Months @ 250 H/s

  • In order to successfully receive payouts, it is necessary for the customer to have a valid "t" (transparent) wallet to receive regular payouts from mining activities. Please confirm that you have your transparent wallet address available prior to proceeding with purchase, or visit our How To Set Up A Transparent Wallet guide.