About Contract Reservations
Due to the rapid success of our Phase 1 launch, Electrum has began preparation for Phase 2. Because we do not believe in selling contracts for power we have not deployed, we are now offering customers the opportunity to reserve mining contracts ahead of our 12/24 Phase 2 Launch. 
Every customer reserving their Zcash contract will receive a 5% discount off of our plans, with the exception of our bronze contract.
Reserve your contract(s) now for just $1.00!
Once you've submitted your reservation, an invoice will be forwarded to your e-mail address on file. No payment is due until 12/21/2017! We'll even send you .01 ZEC as a token of our gratitude!
Set up a Zcash Wallet
Don't have a Zcash wallet? We've put together a convenient instructional that walks you through each step. Visit our Zcash Wallet Setup guide at the link below.
Once you have your t-wallet address, enter it in the reservation form, so we can send you a 0.01 ZEC to get you started!